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Design Inspiration

Elevate Your Home: Take Advantage of our Sale Section!

Elevate Your Home: Take Advantage of our Sale Section!

If you happened to miss our recent Warehouse Sale, there’s still an opportunity to pick up some beautiful pieces this spring! Dive into our sale section on the website to discover the gems we have in store. 

Whether you're searching for that perfect accent piece or a statement addition to your collection, there's something special for every aesthetic. Scroll down for a sneak peek of the items available, and make sure to book an appointment for a closer look at anything that’s caught your eye! 

MODULUM DOOR CHEST - nearly 50% off!


THOMAS TABLE - over 30% off 

SARA I CHAIR (Set of 6) - nearly 60% off

JENNIFER CHAIR (Set of 6) - nearly 60% off


HOLLAND SOFA - over 50% off 

FERGUSON COFFEE TABLE - nearly 30% off 



STEWART CHAIR - over 60% off 


MILA 3 DRAWER CHEST - over 70% off

ALMA FLOOR LAMP - nearly 50% off

EMMALYN LAMP - over 50% off 


All these items AND MUCH MORE are on display at our old 750 SW Marine Drive location. To view any items please call the showroom at 604-324-2126 to make an appointment.

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Q&A with Abstract Artist, Amy Stewart.

Q&A with Abstract Artist, Amy Stewart.

Abstract Artist, Amy Stewart Photo Credit: Brit Kwasney

Exceptional artwork serves as the ultimate centerpiece, completing the energy of a space, which is why we’re excited to introduce Amy Stewart - a Vancouver-based artist whose work we are honoured to display here in our showroom at Once a Tree. 

Amy’s pieces are often inspired by the feelings that come both from the natural world and from engaging fully in her community and with her loved ones. She’s known for abstract art that transforms everyday moments into expressions of joy.

In this Q&A, we’re chatting with Amy about what led her to focus on abstract art, her creative process, and what projects she’s currently working on. Enjoy.

Once A Tree: Can you tell us about your background in art and what led you to focus on abstract art?

Amy: My background is in Child and Youth Care and Victim Services, a career that came with incredible stress. When I first started creating art, it was all about the process rather than the product, with painting offering an avenue to calm and balance in my life. That’s why abstract art was so appealing—it allowed me to focus on the feeling of moving paint around a canvas. But over the years and especially after turning to art full-time, I’ve developed my own style, shifting across series to develop abstract expressions of ideas and experiences that are important to me. These explorations and the development of my style have brought me profound peace and happiness.  

Once A Tree: How do you begin a new piece? What inspires your creative process?

Amy: I find the world a busy place. When I am in the urban environment, my eye is drawn to architecture, the curve of a building, the colour of something. Simple things take me away from the busyness of the city and bring me a sense of calm. Outside the city, natural shapes inspire me, especially our local mountains, ocean, and lakes. Of course, travel influences my work as well. Sometimes I look at a canvas and know exactly what I am going to do, and sometimes I’m inspired by my memories, sketching out a piece before applying paint.

Amy in studio. Photo Credit: Brit Kwasney

Once A Tree: How does it feel to see your pieces on display in people's homes?

Amy: I have the best collectors. I am so grateful for all of them, and the designers I work with, too. It’s important to me that people connect with my work, though it’s a bit surreal at the same time.

Amy’s art on display in the Once A Tree Showroom

Once A Tree: How does your abstract art style complement different interior design aesthetics?

Amy: My collectors have homes with a really diverse range of styles. I’m always surprised by how my paintings fit with each different home’s design. I think because my pieces draw on the specificity of the urban and natural shapes outside our doors, while also suggesting private associations for each viewer, my work interacts flexibly with the personal expressions in the space around it.

Photo Credit: Brit Kwasney

Once A Tree: Are you currently working on any exciting projects or collaborations? 

Amy: I just finished a large project that included commissioned paintings, licensed images, and mural designs for Tesoro with Concert Properties. At the moment I am busy working with art advisors and designers in the US and Canada, creating commissions for their clients.

Thanks, Amy. If you’re an artist and would love to be featured in our showroom, please reach out to We’d love to take a look at your work and see how that can fit our clients’ design visions! 


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Five Beautiful New Items to Elevate Your Home

Five Beautiful New Items to Elevate Your Home

Spring is the perfect time for a seasonal refresh, and our latest furniture collection offers some stunning pieces that are perfect for a style update of any kind. Below are five of our team’s favorite pieces from our latest collection. From minimalist coffee tables to designer swivel chairs, this collection is both incredibly fresh and beautifully timeless. Read on…

Moretti Sectional - Bernhardt Furniture Company


With sinuous spring construction and luxe feather-down cushion, the Moretti Sectional is available in a number of fabrics and customizable to your liking.

Laurent Bed - Huppe


Enjoy Canadian craftsmanship with the locally-made Laurent Bed, boasting 15 exquisite wood finishes to complement any bedroom aesthetic

Aline Swivel Chair - Bernhardt Furniture Company

Modernized with sleeker lines, curved arms and luxurious seating, the Aline Swivel Chair adds a sense of design and comfort to any living space. 

Leo Coffee Table - Four Hands

This rustic-finished oak coffee table adds glamour and sophistication to any living space.

Marsh Bedside Chest - Interlude Home

We love the neutral tones of this rattan-finished nightstand. It adds a calming touch to any bedroom space. 

For a closer look at the spring collection, visit our showroom: 292 West 3rd Avenue, Vancouver, BC. And if you’re looking for personal guidance with your interior design project, you can book a private consultation with a customer service representative on our team. Our made-in-Vancouver STUDIO Collection offers custom furniture solutions for all your home and living needs.


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Ami McKay of PURE Design Inc.


Ami McKay of PURE Design Inc. Photo by: Janis Nicolay

At our core, we believe that the recipe for great interiors includes a blend of creativity, functionality, and the designer’s unique personality. That's why we love working hand-in-hand with brilliant interior designers like Ami McKay of PURE Design Inc. For over two decades, we’ve been working with Ami and her team to bring interior design dreams to life. Ami’s unique perspective and innovative vision literally transform her clients’ spaces into personalized sanctuaries. 

In this Q&A, we’re chatting with Ami about how she got her start in the interior design industry, her unique process, and the design trends she says everyone should watch out for this year. Read on.

OAT: Tell us what inspired you to become an interior designer. 

Ami: Growing up outside of Niagara Falls, Ontario, my entrepreneurial spirit was ignited early on. As a child, I was always crafting and selling goods. The designer in me was also emerging at a young age as I was always eagerly decorating any space and on more than one occasion rearranging the furniture in my parent’s house and in the houses where I babysat when they were out! Having moved West I studied and worked in theatre design, both set and costume, as well floral design. All of these experiences were formative in my journey to where I am today, exercising my full creative potential, blending form, scale, colour, shape and texture to create beautiful spaces through interior design.

OAT: How would you describe your design style and process?

Ami: Our range of design styles is substantial; from Wabi-Sabi, natural and organic, to European vintage, traditional, and warm contemporary. We offer full service from initial inspiration to designing the perfect floor plan, choosing fixtures and finishes, to the meaty middle - the construction and project management phase. Finally, at the end of the process, we help the client choose furniture, textiles, art and style it all!

At PURE Design we partner closely with our clients, collaborating with them through every step to create a spectacular home that is everything they imagined. The joy for me is presenting my clients, who often become friends, with their new magazine-worthy home.

Next Chapter Residences (featuring furniture from Once A Tree) - photography by Janis Nicolay

OAT: What’s your ideal design project?

Ami: My favourite projects are often about the clients, and the trust between us as we craft their new space. I also love working on interesting structures thriving on design challenges that push boundaries. As well, an exquisite country farmhouse, or client’s vacation homes throughout the Howe sound and Sunshine Coast where we use hand made and natural materials with added warmth and character are some of my favorite projects

OAT: What’s your secret to balancing functionality and aesthetics?

Ami: For me, functionality precedes aesthetics. To start we meticulously reconfigure layouts to create floor plans that are best for our clients’ needs. We take on big space planning objectives, and often will reverse the existing floor plans, for example, relocating the bedrooms or the kitchen and living area downstairs. I love the nuts and bolts of space planning, and delivering solutions for how our clients want to live. We then get to the fun and creative part, curating beautiful tiles, floors, finishes, lighting as well as furniture, and all of the satisfying styling bits, including art, area rugs, and textiles. 

Photography by Janis Nicolay

OAT: What are the emerging design trends to watch for this year?

Ami: Organic, hand-made imperfect tiles with beautiful finishes are in this year. Arches and curves as well as applying lime wash or clay plaster finishes is adding another layer of warmth to projects this year. Vintage pieces or client treasures mixed with new heirloom quality furniture (such as you would find at Once A Tree) are definitely in too.)

Westport Residences (featuring furniture from Once A Tree) - photography by Janis Nicolay

OAT: What advice would you give to someone aspiring to become an interior designer?

Ami: Design school will provide you with the building blocks. I’d also recommend reaching out to people in the industry, to see if they would have a chat or Zoom to share their wisdom. Always find a mentor and offer to volunteer in areas where you would love to work, as that is where you will learn so much, and make the invaluable connections needed to be successful in this industry. If you love what you do, you will always succeed…

A great note to end on. Thanks to Ami for taking the time to chat with us! 

If you’re a designer and you’re looking to collaborate with us on an upcoming project this year, please reach out to We’d love to work together to create the perfect custom furniture pieces to suit your project and the client’s vision! 

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Crafting Comfort: Shop the Newest Collections from
West Bros Furniture

Crafting Comfort: Shop the Newest Collections from <br>West Bros Furniture

Step into the realm of timeless elegance with West Bros Furniture's exquisite solid wood creations. For the past 20 years, they’ve been crafting unparalleled pieces right here in North America, and we’re so thrilled to have some of their best-selling collections on display in our showroom. 

From rustic vibes that feel like a cabin in the woods to city-chic designs inspired by the skyline, there's something for every taste. Scroll down for some of the most popular West Bros collections this season, and for a sneak peek at the much-anticipated Corsa Collection!

BRAND NEW Corsa Bedroom Collection

This new line is made from white oak and features soft close drawers, coin trays and joinery details. Standard finishes are available in Weathered Oak and Noir Oak, as well as any other available finish. Stay tuned - this modern and luxe collection will be hitting our showroom floors in the next few weeks!

Browse the pieces:
Corsa Night Table
Corsa Chest of Drawers
Corsa Panel Headboard Bed
Corsa 6 Drawer Dresser


Strada Bedroom Collection

Timeless and modern, with a variety of oak wood tones - this collection is where comfort meets style.  

Browse the pieces:
Strada 6 Drawer Dresser
Strada Bedside Chest
Strada Upholstered Panel Bed


Fulton Dining Collection

A popular choice for our clientele: this collection is handcrafted from solid white oak and available in two standard finishes, Sand and Pewter. Rustic and stylish - that’s how we’d describe this exquisite collection. 

Browse the pieces:
Fulton Dining Table
Fulton Sideboard


Hayden Bedroom Collection

Inspired by “American Shaker furniture” - this contemporary collection is crafted in solid White Oak and includes the option to add “ribbon stripped” panels to create an aesthetic two-tone effect.

Browse the pieces:
Hayden Poster Bed
Hayden Master Dresser
Hayden Bedside Chest


Phase Bedroom Collection

Inspired by classic modernist architecture, this collection features a mix of solid walnut pieces to create an inviting and warm bedroom space.  

Browse the pieces:
Phase Nightstand
Phase Dresser
Phase Bed

Come explore the artistry and sophistication firsthand of the collections from West Bros Furniture in our showroom this season, or set up a private appointment with one of our design experts. We can’t wait to see you! 


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Deck the Halls: A Holiday Collaboration between
AK Design & Once A Tree

Deck the Halls: A Holiday Collaboration between <br>AK Design & Once A Tree

When you step into our store this season, you’ll quite literally be immersed in our holiday-inspired furniture setup, designed in collaboration with the team from AK Design

Our special holiday display is a combination of "Classic English Yuletide" meets "Charlie Brown Christmas”. 

Every piece in this immersive display tells a story of comfort, elegance, and the spirit of Christmas - and you might just recognize this festive display from Vancouver’s quintessential holiday event: Homes For The Holidays.

We had a blast working with the AK Design team, to create a variety of luxe pieces that celebrate this season in high style. Scroll down for a sneak peek, and come visit us in person for a closer look. 

Our built to order Paddy K Dining Table paired with Mila Dining Chairs and Accent Cidra Chair


Billie Sofa


Our built to order Olive Coffee Table


Customized Caine Cocktail Ottoman

If you have any questions about any of these pieces you can connect to set up a personal appointment in store, or simply pop by our showroom. 


Happy holidays!



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Our Team's Top Picks For The Season

The holiday season is in the air and our team is in love with this season’s additions to our luxury furniture collections. 

Our newest collections include everything from wooden dining tables to ultra-comfy sectionals to stylish cocktail tables. Every piece has the potential to transform your space into a haven of modern sophistication. 

Scroll down to discover our team's favorite pieces from this season! 

Andrew Smayda, Design Consultant

Top Pick: Ryan Sectional

My pick is the Ryan sectional…The look and comfort of this deep seating is perfect for a media room or a Whistler Chalet with a roaring fireplace and hot toddy.

The price point makes it a best seller!

Les Nelmes, Sales Manager

Top Pick: Logan Sectional by Marc Antonio Designs

I love the NEW Logan Sectional. I find it super welcoming with its generously rounded edges, elegant curves, and soft neutral palette. To top it off, it’s Canadian-made and available in hundreds of fabrics and leathers.

Patty Isada, Design Consultant

Top Pick: Martina Table from Once A Tree Studio Collection

Love the oval shape & detailing of our new Martina table. The reverse bevelled edge and fluting details are right on point.

Noreen Wiwcharyk, Design Consultant

Top Pick: Andrew Table from Once A Tree Studio Collection

The new Andrew dining table is a winner. So easy to gather a large group around. The curve of the double pedestal base and the dark finish are stunning. Plus you can order it in your preferred size.

Tracey Mills, Visual Merchandiser

Top Pick: Theo Sectional 

Bold. Dramatic. Distinctive - that’s how I would describe Theo. I love that it’s made in Canada and is available in a vast array of rich textures and classic weaves, like Casablanca (as shown). 

Head over to our website and explore our fabulous collection, or take a closer look with a visit to our showroom: 292 West 3rd Avenue, Vancouver, BC! You can also book a private appointment with a member of our team. Hope to see you soon! 

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Photo via Vanguard Furniture

Introducing Form by Vanguard Furniture, a collection of incredibly sophisticated dining tables, modern arm chairs, and elegant buffets, now available in our showroom.

What you’ll love about this collection? Vanguard is known for designing furniture that feels fluid and organic, with curved landscapes of shape layered with authentic wood grains. This collection is the definition of refined elegance. Each and every item in this Vanguard collection is a work of art featuring oak veneers, honed marble, woven Lampakanay, wire brushed ash solids, and metal accents.

The use of the curves in this collection gives it a calming, organic feel. Vanguard is a  simple line, that has the ability to connect us to the outdoors.”- Les Nelmes, Sales Manager, Once A  Tree Furniture

Here are a few of the beautiful pieces from this collection, currently available in our showroom:

Form Buffet With Wood Doors

Form Dining Table

Form Console

Each of these pieces is available in a variety of organic finishes, to bring a harmonious and balanced feeling into your living space. As one of the exclusive carriers of Vanguard Furniture in Vancouver, consider this your official invitation to explore the Vanguard collection up close. Visit our showroom located at 292 West 3rd Avenue, or book an appointment for a private consultation with our team.

You can also connect with us:

Instagram @onceatreefurniture 

Pinterest @OnceATree 

Sign up to our e-newsletter


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Photo via Provoke Studios

Take a tour through this beautiful interior design project from Lori Steeves of Simply Home Decorating - showcasing the best of both coasts! This stunning 9000 square foot home located on Prince Edward Island combines Lori’s modern, west coast design aesthetic with the traditional, east coast architectural bones of the home – for a stunning result. Also featured? Curated decor and furniture from Canadian small businesses and artisans including custom-made furniture from us at Once A Tree! The OAT team has been collaborating with Lori for over 10 years now, and this was a particularly special project for us as 80% of the furniture and lighting was sourced from Once A Tree and our team had the opportunity to travel and work first-hand on the install in P.E.I! 

As with every project she takes on, Lori went to great lengths to source and design pieces specific to the clients’ taste and style (which was a mix of “old farmhouse” and “sleek and modern”). For this project, we worked with Lori to source a variety of unique pieces like the Austin Cocktail Table Set from Arteriors Home, Jade Chair from Once A Tree, the Genesis Rug from Jaipur Living, and customized furnishings to her clients’ liking – including this Tully Sofa from Lee Industries, Jackson Coffee Table from our very own STUDIO collection, and Aaron Chair from American Leather. And the media took notice! Lori’s project was featured in a highly coveted 12-page spread in the Summer Edition of Style at Home as well as in its French counterpart Décormag

Scroll through some of the highlights, captured by Provoke Studios, to see why this project was met with great acclaim. 

“What is truly unique about OAT is that I am able to design custom pieces that they can build for me in addition to them supplying from their large number of vendors. I can also have them customize their wide range of studio designs to suit our client’s needs.” - Lori Steeves

Sales Manager Les Nelmes with Lori Steeves of Simply Home Decorating 

Design partnerships are the heart of our business here at Once a Tree.  

Learn more about how this stunning home came together over on Lori’s design blog, and follow us on Instagram to see more of the designer collaborations we’ve been a part of. 

PS: If you’re interested in collaborating on a upcoming design project, please connect with our Sales Manager, Les Nelmes to get started on bringing your vision to life:

Photos via Provoke Studios

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Luxurious outdoor living + summer entertaining

If you’re looking for simple ways to transform your backyard into an oasis this summer, take a look at our new collection from Bernhardt. From stylish sofas to chic tables, a beautiful new piece may be all it takes to elevate your outdoor space. 

Below are a few photos from our summer entertaining collections; pop by our showroom to get a closer look.

Featured: Catalonia Sofa, Catalonia Chairs, Kai Cocktail Table and Casitas Accent Tables.

Photo credit: Bernhardt

Featured: Ibiza Sofa, Ibiza Chair & Catalan Accent Table  

Photo credit: Bernhardt

Featured: Solana Sofa, Origami Chairs, Rochelle Cocktail Table & Rochelle Side Tables.

Photo credit: Bernhardt

Featured: Maldives Swivel Chairs & Catalan Accent Table.

Photo credit: Bernhardt 

Visit us in Vancouver to get a closer look at all of the above outdoor furniture pieces and more. If you would like personal shopping support, we are happy to arrange that, please contact us today. Our showroom is located at 292 West 3rd Avenue. 


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