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Design Inspiration

Q&A with Abstract Artist, Amy Stewart.

Q&A with Abstract Artist, Amy Stewart.

Abstract Artist, Amy Stewart Photo Credit: Brit Kwasney

Exceptional artwork serves as the ultimate centerpiece, completing the energy of a space, which is why we’re excited to introduce Amy Stewart - a Vancouver-based artist whose work we are honoured to display here in our showroom at Once a Tree. 

Amy’s pieces are often inspired by the feelings that come both from the natural world and from engaging fully in her community and with her loved ones. She’s known for abstract art that transforms everyday moments into expressions of joy.

In this Q&A, we’re chatting with Amy about what led her to focus on abstract art, her creative process, and what projects she’s currently working on. Enjoy.

Once A Tree: Can you tell us about your background in art and what led you to focus on abstract art?

Amy: My background is in Child and Youth Care and Victim Services, a career that came with incredible stress. When I first started creating art, it was all about the process rather than the product, with painting offering an avenue to calm and balance in my life. That’s why abstract art was so appealing—it allowed me to focus on the feeling of moving paint around a canvas. But over the years and especially after turning to art full-time, I’ve developed my own style, shifting across series to develop abstract expressions of ideas and experiences that are important to me. These explorations and the development of my style have brought me profound peace and happiness.  

Once A Tree: How do you begin a new piece? What inspires your creative process?

Amy: I find the world a busy place. When I am in the urban environment, my eye is drawn to architecture, the curve of a building, the colour of something. Simple things take me away from the busyness of the city and bring me a sense of calm. Outside the city, natural shapes inspire me, especially our local mountains, ocean, and lakes. Of course, travel influences my work as well. Sometimes I look at a canvas and know exactly what I am going to do, and sometimes I’m inspired by my memories, sketching out a piece before applying paint.

Amy in studio. Photo Credit: Brit Kwasney

Once A Tree: How does it feel to see your pieces on display in people's homes?

Amy: I have the best collectors. I am so grateful for all of them, and the designers I work with, too. It’s important to me that people connect with my work, though it’s a bit surreal at the same time.

Amy’s art on display in the Once A Tree Showroom

Once A Tree: How does your abstract art style complement different interior design aesthetics?

Amy: My collectors have homes with a really diverse range of styles. I’m always surprised by how my paintings fit with each different home’s design. I think because my pieces draw on the specificity of the urban and natural shapes outside our doors, while also suggesting private associations for each viewer, my work interacts flexibly with the personal expressions in the space around it.

Photo Credit: Brit Kwasney

Once A Tree: Are you currently working on any exciting projects or collaborations? 

Amy: I just finished a large project that included commissioned paintings, licensed images, and mural designs for Tesoro with Concert Properties. At the moment I am busy working with art advisors and designers in the US and Canada, creating commissions for their clients.

Thanks, Amy. If you’re an artist and would love to be featured in our showroom, please reach out to We’d love to take a look at your work and see how that can fit our clients’ design visions! 


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    Daphne Nielsen