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Design Inspiration

Introducing Namesake + a Q&A with Interior Designer Victoria McKenney of Enviable Designs

We’ve said it before, but we’ll say it again: at Once A Tree Furniture, one of our favourite things is getting to collaborate with the bevy of talented local designers in our community. For months (and months!) we have been working hard behind-the-scenes to launch our very first furniture collaboration with an interior designer you all know and love, and we’re so excited to finally share the very first sneak peek of this bespoke collection with you all.

Victoria McKenney of Enviable Designs is an incredibly talented designer with the ability to take ‘comfortable sophistication’ to a whole new level. Over the years, we’ve worked closely with Victoria to help furnish her luxury home projects and we’re thrilled to finally share that our first designer furniture collaboration, Namesake, will be available to purchase this fall exclusively at Once A Tree. To celebrate, we recently chatted with Victoria about Namesake, the inspiration behind the line, her tips for aspiring designers, and much more. Sign up to our e-newsletter today to be the first to know when the collection officially drops in our store, and in the meantime, read on to learn more about our exclusive Namesake collaboration.

[Photo Credit: Provoke Studios]


OAT: Tell us all about Namesake. How did it start? Where does the inspiration come from? 

Victoria: Namesake was quite a natural evolution, which was a progression from my design work. I found that I was constantly designing bespoke furniture for my clients because I could never quite find the right ready-made pieces locally or abroad.  

As such, I was often having these pieces fabricated by Once a Tree Furniture, and through this process, Daphne (OAT’s owner) was able to see the pieces that I was designing. When she first approached me about creating a furniture line, I immediately thought it was the perfect pairing. Great quality, locally-made furniture by Once A Tree, and an opportunity to design bespoke pieces that could work within a variety of design styles.

OAT: How would you describe this collection in three words?

Victoria: Timeless, refined, tailored.

[Photo Credit: Provoke Studios]

OAT: Who did you have in mind when you designed this collection, and who do you think will be drawn to this collection?

Victoria: Truly, everyone. I believe that Namesake is a relevant furniture collection that has a refined sense of style, ease and sophistication which appeals to almost every aesthetic.

You’ll see in many of the pieces and designs that the furniture reflects a modern elegance with a neutral palette, beautiful silhouettes and distinctive fabrics. And above all, quality furniture that is built to last is the most important value.

OAT: What drew you to working with us at Once A Tree Furniture on this bespoke furniture collection? How would you describe this process?

Victoria: I have been a longtime client of Once a Tree (since beginning my design career in 2003). Throughout the years, I have purchased their high-quality pieces and we’ve worked together collaborating on many different projects. When Daphne approached me for this furniture line, I knew it would be successful because of our long standing working relationship built on trust, understanding and creativity. The quality that I know OAT offers is outstanding, and I was especially ecstatic to design this collection with OAT knowing that the pieces would all be well-made and locally manufactured. 

[Photo Credit: Provoke Studios]


OAT: What is your favourite piece from this collection, and why?

Victoria: That’s a hard one! I truly love every piece from the collection, and each one is so thoughtfully designed. If I had to pick, I think my favourite piece is the Thomas Dining Table (pictured above). I love the connection between the two materials; wood and marble which blend seamlessly together. The piece is also very versatile, and could lend itself to a contemporary or traditional space.

[Photo Credit: Provoke Studios]


OAT: In addition to now being a furniture designer, you have a very successful, award-winning career as an interior designer. What first drew you to design and why do you love it?

Victoria: Growing up in a home where style, interior design and art was considered and honoured was a wonderful opportunity to appreciate the arts. I originally graduated from UBC with an art history degree, thinking I would pursue art preservation but quickly grew to understand that a science background was required and hence thought I would need to explore other options.

I traveled throughout Europe after graduating and was in awe of the architecture from that part of the world which sparked an instant connection for me.  Upon returning, I began design school and the rest is history! Design is such a creative process but I truly love connecting with clients and through that relationship, curating deeply personal and  beautiful spaces for them.

[Photo Credit: Provoke Studios]


OAT: How was the design process of creating furniture different from designing interiors?

Victoria: Great question! It was actually very similar to designing interiors in that once an original idea is created, then the hard work of problem solving, fine tuning and detailing begins.

Throughout this process, I’ve learned that every piece must be sampled, analyzed and then modified to finalize the perfect design. It truly was a long process from conception to realization - which is what makes this collection a true labour of love, and why I am so proud to finally share it with everyone.

[Photo Credit: Provoke Studios]

OAT: This collaboration has been a long time in the making. Can you share some of the challenges we encountered in bringing this collection to life?

Victoria: Honestly, timing was the most challenging aspect.  We began this collection when the pandemic first started in 2020 so even though the collection was complete, the fabrication and sampling was hugely delayed due to factory closures and supply chain issues - and we kept having to push the release date back.

That said, we’re so excited to finally debut the collection this fall in Once A Tree’s new showroom when it opens to the public in October.

OAT: Do you have any advice for aspiring designers in Vancouver?

Victoria: Interior Design is a very rewarding career but it is also hard work. Any aspiring designers should work for a design firm first to learn how the business side of things operate.  Also, be open to continuous learning, and take the time to travel and gain inspiration from everywhere.

[Photo Credit: Provoke Studios]

OAT: Who are your design influences? Who do you look to for inspiration?

Victoria: There are so many amazing designers that I look to for inspiration. Thomas Pheasant has a wonderfully tailored sensibility as does Barbara Barry.

There are also many Canadian designers who I have met throughout the years who continue to inspire me; Elizabeth Metcalfe, Paul Levoie and Richard Ouellette, to name a few.

Thank you for chatting with us, Victoria! 

We are excited to finally launch the Namesake Collection with Victoria McKenney this fall. Be sure to sign up to our e-newsletter today to be the first to know when this bespoke furniture collection is available to shop in our store. For more design inspiration, follow us @onceatreefurniture and @enviabledesigns on Instagram!

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Q&A with Interior Designer Alexis MacKay-Dunn of DesignLaB Interiors

If you’re local to Vancouver and familiar with the vibrant design community here, you may have heard of DesignLaB Interiors. Founded and run by the talented Alexis MacKay-Dunn, DesignLaB is known for their ability to transform clients’ homes into clean, modern spaces that undoubtedly reflect the best of west coast living, while also remaining both aesthetically pleasing and functional. Whether it’s a single room project, a new build or a big (or small!) renovation, Alexis and her team are passionate about bringing their clients’ dream home to life. 

Recently, we were thrilled to have the chance to work closely with her on a new build project that we are sharing exclusive sneak peeks of below (captured by the infinitely talented Janis Nicolay!). And, we took the opportunity to ask her some burning questions about her path to interior design, and what keeps her inspired daily. To learn more about Alexis, keep reading for an inside look into her fascinating world of interior design! 

OAT: Let’s start with a quick intro! Tell us more about yourself, and what led you to interior design. How would you describe your approach to design, and your overall style? 

Alexis: I started my career in interior design over 12 years ago - after dabbling in numerous industries that helped shape my perspective on interior design as a business. I had originally set out to university in Toronto where I achieved a commerce degree in retail, with an interest in buying (which seemed glamorous at the time!) and had a sneak peak at retail design. After a brief stint in commercial property appraisal after I returned to Vancouver, I decided it was time to get into my passion of interior design and I went to school at BCIT. During my design education I managed a home staging business, which not only gave me an edge in real space planning, but also connected me to a community of designers, realtors and home owners. I felt like I hit my stride.

My design tastes have evolved over time, but I tend toward a more clean, masculine aesthetic, tending to keeping things neutral and classic for my base materials (except for my green kitchen at home!). While I have always admired art deco and traditional designs, my heart is with the clean and simple more modern aesthetic. However, I’ve heard time and time again from clients that I have a knack for creating a warmth that always feels like home!

OAT: Now, on to this project. We had so much fun collaborating with you on unique furniture pieces for this home. Help us paint a picture of what this project looked like from the very beginning. What was the ‘state of the home’ when you first began? How long did the design process take from beginning to end? You know the drill!

Alexis: The previous home had had a large amount of water damage and was inhabitable. In fact, it was at a point where it was a better idea to start anew than remediate. I began this project when the architect handed the plans to me in early 2019 (just after I had my first child!). I was given the rooms’ outlines, but otherwise it was carte blanche for me to add my touch for the interiors.

The home is located at 54th and Oak in Vancouver and from beginning to end, has taken three years! We completed this home amidst a pandemic and worked with the home’s offshore owner to design and complete. The main design itself was completed in a few months, but I continued to work with the owner, architect and builder, Ronse Massey Developments, throughout the process. Collectively, we’re a team of eyes on the ground for the owner so there is a lot of back and forth and certainly a lot of gained trust through this process.

OAT: What were some of the key design goals for this home? 

Alexis: Because the owners live offshore, our primary goal for this home was to produce something that felt like home but was turn key and easy for the clients when they visited a couple times of year. The main solution for this ended up being a lot of built-ins and design tricks like streamlining the bed frame built-ins and closets to ensure they were functional, clean and traveler friendly. We customized each of the six bedrooms for each family member, by incorporating different large feature lights and unique custom fabric headboard and drapery for each room. Additionally, we added character to the bedrooms by incorporating important details like the gorgeous Melrose Chairs sourced from Once A Tree Furniture which make for a comfortable and stylish spot to relax and unwind with a book at the end of a long day!

OAT: Were any unique materials or design elements used in this project? If so, what was the inspiration behind them? 

Alexis: We have a large fireplace as the centerpiece of the main living space that we cladded in Mat Concrete floor to ceiling. It is flanked by custom bookshelves in dark stained oak, and compliments the bold, black textured Dubois Cocktail Table that adds more eye-catching contrast to the living area. We also used a lot of white oak detailing in the home - all stained in two custom colours - which brighten up the space. The living area was also thoughtfully furnished with statement furniture in neutral tones throughout - including some of our current favorites like the Clayton Chair and Dexter Accent Table - that will remain timeless for years to come.

One additional unique feature the architect, Alexandre Ravkov, created is a curved wall for the staircase. We cladded the living room side of the wall with vertical oak ‘slats’, and continued the detail across the kitchen ceiling which created balance and warmth in the large space. 

OAT: What makes this project special? Do you have any favourite parts of the home, and why?

I find this home particularly special as it just radiates my style! I was really able to take the reins and make it totally my aesthetic, and the client really trusted my input so it feels very ‘me’. Being able to create so many built-ins is also something unique to this home which I also love. Being able to customize a home to work for your clients needs is always a challenge but equally satisfying when you can achieve it and maintain your style!

OAT: Tell us more about your backstory while working on this project. Were there any hiccups or delays along the way, and how did this impact the project and process?

Alexis: A little thing called COVID really left its mark on this project - in fact, we are still dealing with delays in shipping for the exterior patios, and a few outstanding furniture pieces. Besides the general pains of everyone in this industry (and many other industries), on a personal level, I also had a pretty big health issue to manage. I was diagnosed with kidney disease (IgA Nephropathy) when I was pregnant with my first child, and it was determined that I had it for a long time but it had gone undetected. After my son was born, as I was planning and coordinating this project, my husband and I were given a small window to try for our second child as my kidney function was declining. The good news is, we were successful! But as my pregnancy evolved, my kidneys declined significantly and we had to deliver my daughter (yay!) at 32 weeks (not a yay). Between trips to the nicu and my own extended stay in hospital, it was obvious my kidneys were not going to recover and that I needed a transplant ASAP. I spent a few months on dialysis, and in June 2021, I found my angel and had my transplant. I do need to give my husband some credit here as he held us all up through this time! With little to no kidney function, you also have little to no brain function so I wasn’t much help around the house! Post transplant life has been life changing. While I still deal with health challenges each day (my kidney disease has reared its ugly face in my new kidney so I am constantly monitored), we are doing our best to enjoy my health (and brain!), and trying to fit in as much family time as possible. For now I am feeling good, and we will live in this space until we need to shift gears.

All of this to say, my personal health and family challenges did not make it easy to keep a large design project on track. It was no easy feat, but thankfully everyone involved was very understanding and my fellow design friends stepped in to help when I needed things adjusted or reviewed. It's amazing to see the community step up when you need it and I will be forever grateful for all the support we received.

OAT: Thank you so much for sharing this heartfelt story with us. Your strength is inspiring! Let’s shift gears a bit to the broader design world. In your expert opinion, what are some design trends we can look forward to seeing in the last half of 2022? 

Alexis: I’m probably not the ‘trendiest’ person to ask as I’ve got my head in the sand with two kids, a busy work schedule, and trying to get back to enjoying a healthy life for a bit! But, I’m a big believer in choosing timeless designs, and if I was to push someone in the right direction I would say things like: choose natural stones (don’t shy from honed granite, 90’s are back baby!), and keep things tone on tone with added texture. Interiors tend to follow fashion trends as well, so we’re all about the juxtaposition of proportion and texture.

OAT: What’s next for DesignLaB? Any exciting new projects you’re working on?

Alexis: I feel like I’m just getting warmed back up so I’m excited for what is next for me personally, and for DesignLaB. I have a couple tricks up my sleeve that will be showcased soon enough (if we get the furniture in time, right!?). I feel like I’ve got a second chance at all this, now that I’m reenergized I’m ready to create and have lots of fun doing it. 

 OAT: Finally, where can people find you online for more information about your services + offerings?

Alexis: On my website you can find my contact information and some projects we’ve done in the past (, and make sure you follow along on Instagram (@designlabca) to stay up-to-date on what we’re working on currently! 

Thank you for taking the time to chat with us, Alexis! Visit DesignLaB’s website for more information and don’t forget to give us a follow on Instagram @onceatreefurniture. Over the next couple weeks, we’ll be sharing more BTS looks at this gorgeous home designed by Alexis, and highlighting key furniture pieces included in this project from Once A Tree that you can check out for your own home, too!

If you’re working on a home renovation, a one-room refresh or interior design on a new home build, get in touch with us to see how we can help you bring your dream home to life! From custom-built furniture to luxury accessories and more, contact us today. And, be sure to subscribe to our e-newsletter to be the first to know about our upcoming sales, exclusive discounts, designer tips and more!

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5 Ways to Finish Up Your Home Reno With Luxury Accessories

It’s often easier to focus on the bigger picture when it comes to a home renovation. However, we’d be remiss if we didn’t mention the importance of the final, finishing details in any home makeover, renovation or remodel.

Accessories are among the best ways to add personality to a room - and they’re often overlooked or not properly thought through. It’s the little details - everything from colour, texture and material - that can help tell a story, invoke a good memory or simply add to the overall feel and vibe of a room. These are the things that contribute to creating your sense of home style.

At Once A Tree, we thoughtfully curate our showroom displays down to the smallest of details, including lighting, tableside décor, and other luxury accessories. We delight in our emotive response to the objects we surround ourselves with - everything from original artwork to the delicate translucence of a tinted glass vase to the soothing scent of a fragrant, hand-poured soy candle - and we invite you to consider how all of these details can enhance your home, as well. On that note, here are five ideas for choosing and arranging the best home accessories to add the perfect finishing touches to your renovation! 

Don’t be afraid to mix and match

Meteor Bowl

seeded candle holders

From different textures to contrasting colours, shapes and sizes, don’t be afraid to mix and match your accessories to add interest and personality. Choose a larger object as your focal point, and build around it.

We love our Meteor Bowls pictured above on a sideboard, coffee table or bookshelf! Styled alongside contrasting objects like our vertical Seeded Candle Holders and you have the perfect combination of height, depth and contrast.

Use in-season foliage and florals as a focal point

Sadie and Oslo Vase

Without a doubt, one of the easiest ways to switch up your home accessories from season to season is by incorporating in-season florals and greenery. Bringing an element of the outdoors inside is also an easy way to add a pop of colour to your space.

We’ve curated a selection of gorgeous, luxury vessels to help you do this. Some of our new favourites this season include our Lithos Vases in different shapes and sizes. We also love the look of trendy, tinted glass this season and recommend the Sadie or Oslo Vase to help you achieve this look!

Create drama and personality with original artwork

[Painting credit: Lisa Ochowycz]

[Painting credit: Krista Johnson]

Original artwork is always a go-to accessory for us when it comes to finishing up a room. It’s the ideal way to infuse personality into a space and can drastically change the overall look and feel of a room. 

At Once A Tree, we love supporting local artists and frequently rotate their work on display in our showroom. We are loving the current works of Lisa Ochowycz and Krista Johnson lately, and we know you will, too. Art work is a truly unique home accessory that serves as a stunning focal point and conversation piece. Visit our Vancouver showroom to see these gorgeous pieces on display for yourself!

Don’t be afraid to add colour!


For the last couple years, we’ve seen home décor and accessories be saturated with that “light, bright, airy” aesthetic (thanks, Instagram!). We’re here to tell you to go for it when it comes to adding pops of colour! Just like texture, colour is a great way to add interest, personality and contrast to a room. Whether it’s a moody vase, contrasting display trays, or gorgeous (and practical!) textured storage baskets, don’t be afraid to incorporate different colours into your home accessories.

Utilize lighting to set the mood of a room

[Photo credit: Provoke Studios]

Lighting has the power to transform the whole feel, look and warmth of your living space. From a statement chandelier in your living room to a sleek floor lamp in your home office, lighting is an often inexpensive and overlooked way to add the finishing touches to any home or room renovation. 

We love the simple impact of a modern bedside lamp like the Whitman lamp pictured above in this bedroom designed by Suzanne McIntosh of One by Design! It adds a clean and classic feel to the space without the clutter - and its timeless silhouette will be on trend for many years to come.

Whether you are finishing up a full home renovation, undertaking a one-room refresh or looking to update your home with new home accessories, let our team help you discover the pieces you’re looking for! Follow us on Instagram @onceatreefurniture and Pinterest @OnceATree for more design inspiration, or reach out today to see how we can help you complete your next home renovation project!

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Switch it up! Five Lighting Trends to Update Your Home

Earlier this month, our owner, Daphne, was interviewed by The Vancouver Sun for a lighting trends story that was also published in the latest issue of West Coast Homes + Design. In this story, Daphne highlights lighting as a longer-term design investment that makes a huge impact on a home’s aesthetic. Unlike a chair or a throw pillow, high-quality lighting is more of a big picture decision - as it serves a functional purpose, of course, but also needs to stand the test of time.

Lighting remains a (relatively) budget-friendly way to refresh a dining room or entryway, and with each new season comes updated lighting options that will appeal to anyone in the market for a new light fixture. 

At Once A Tree Furniture, we’ve always curated an elegant and timeless collection of quality lighting for any design aesthetic and home. From pendants and chandeliers to table lamps and wall sconces - here are five of our current favourite lighting trends to consider from a recent home install we worked on with the talented Suzanne McIntosh of One By Design. Read on if you’re looking for a beautiful way to switch things up in your home!

Go bold! Utilize bold lighting as a focal point in any room

Chandler Chandelier over custom Once a Tree Dining Table

Interiors by Suzanne McIntosh of One By Design

[Photo credit: Provoke Studios]

Lighting can be way more than just ‘functional’. In fact, oftentimes, we liken it to a piece of art, and encourage you to consider utilizing your light fixture as the focal point of the room. Pictured above, is one of our favourite lighting fixtures this season - the Chandler Chandelier by Arteriors!

Mirroring traditional Italian design and featuring clear glass that delicately dangles from the antique brass frame (also available in a brown nickel finish), this show stopping chandelier is exactly what we’d consider a focal point. It also happens to pair perfectly with our popular Remy Chairs by Mitchell Gold + Bob Williams!

Symmetrical, drop lighting adds a modern vibe to a traditional bathroom vanity

Eden Pendants over Bathroom Vanity

Interiors by Suzanne McIntosh of One By Design

[Photo credit: Provoke Studios]

Bathroom lighting is often overlooked, but it shouldn’t be. We are loving the look of modern drop lighting that also brings in a touch of traditional with frosted glass - like the Eden Pendants by Visual Comfort seen above. 

Bold, yet understated, these oversized pendants provide much-needed lighting for everything from make-up application to putting in your contact lenses! By keeping the design symmetrical, these gorgeous pendants are an elegant and timeless way to uplevel your bathroom. 

Brighten up unexpected spaces

Hudson Scone in Bedroom Bay Window

Interiors by Suzanne McIntosh of One By Design

[Photo credit: Provoke Studios]

Everybody loves a good ‘nook’, and it tends to be one of our favourite spots in any home to add an unexpected touch of light. In this bedroom nook pictured above, we love the two Hudson wall sconces by Arteriors which blend into the décor during the day, but also act as a functional option to brighten up the spot for reading in the evening. 

Modern, yet traditional, these subtle wall sconces are as pretty as they are practical making it a huge design ‘win’ in our books!

Never underestimate the power of a statement chandelier

Cascadia Chandelier in High Ceiling Livingroom

Interiors by Suzanne McIntosh of One By Design

[Photo credit: Provoke Studios]

Without a doubt, long lines and simple silhouettes top our list of lighting trends this year! The oversized Cascadia Chandelier by Matthew McCormick pictured above in this living space adds the perfect amount of drama while still remaining elegant. Not only do the vertical lines of this chandelier draw the eye up, emphasizing the spacious and high ceiling, but the subtle colours of this lighting fixture make it a timeless addition to this luxurious living room for many years to come.

Add elegance to a room with a classic floor lamp

Buster Floor Lamp in Reading Nook

Interiors by Suzanne McIntosh of One By Design

[Photo credit: Provoke Studios]

Our Buster Floor Lamp by Robert Abbey is picture perfect next to our Fritz Chair by Vanguard. With an antique brass lampstand and a classic silhouette on top, this lamp is undoubtedly elegant and classic while providing additional functional lighting if/when needed.

With its clean lines and neutral-coloured lampshade, this sitting area is the perfect spot to escape from a busy day!

The lighting in your home has the power to transform the whole feel and warmth of your space. Whether it’s a statement chandelier in your living room, an industrial-style pendant light in your kitchen, a modern bedside lamp or an elegant floor lamp, picking out the perfect light fixture can make all the difference. Different rooms require different lighting, and our team of home and design experts at Once A Tree Furniture are here to help you pick out the best lighting for any room in your home. So, what are you waiting for? Get in touch to book your private consultation

Whether you are looking to do a full home renovation, a one-room refresh or simply updating the lighting in your home, let our team help you find the piece(s) you’re looking for! Follow us on Instagram @onceatreefurniture and Pinterest @OnceATree for more design inspiration, or reach out today to see how we can help you get started on your next home design project!

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Highlights from High Point Market: A Look at the Design Trends to Come in 2022

We’ve just returned from the always-inspiring High Point Market, a must-see event for the latest in home design and decor trends, and just had to share with you. This year, we toured the market with North Vancouver-based interior designer Lori Steeves of Simply Home Decorating, which made it even better. Every Spring, High Point is a highlight for us, so we couldn’t wait to share this recap of the latest furniture and home design trends you’ll want to emulate this Spring.

If you’re considering a full-scale spring refresh or simply looking to update one or two areas of your home, the following Spring design trends inspired us, and we hope they’ll inspire you! Note: You’ll definitely be seeing these trends reflected in our Vancouver showroom throughout the spring and summer seasons. 

Contrast is Making a Comeback

High Point Highlights-Contrast Comeback

Everywhere we looked at High Point Market, we noticed an immense display of black and white, and black paired with neutrals. Even before the Market, we started to pick up on this trend, but it was definitely confirmed this Market season. 

Pops of black against a more neutral setting are a trend we are definitely loving, as seen in the image above from High Point. Bernhardt Furniture - one of our favourite North American furniture makers - perfectly pairs their curvy white Merritt Sofas with their chic black Wyatt Chairs creating just the right amount of contrast. And, black is back in a big way across the board- making an appearance on everything from lighting to table and chair legs to dining tables, textiles, and much more! 

Neutrals Are Definitely Still ‘In’

High Point Highlights-Neutrals are still in

For a while there, it seemed like all anybody wanted was a white, cream or neutral aesthetic. While colours are making their way back on the scene, a neutral palette will always be a timeless classic.

At this year’s Market, we found there to be a great mix of neutral and cream backgrounds (sofas especially!) that were accented with pops of caramel and blush accents. Whether in the form of a throw pillow or blanket, investing in a quality, neutral-coloured base piece (like a sofa or bed frame) easily allows you to switch out your home accessories to keep up with the current trending colour themes and patterns.

Curves for a Modern and Sleek Vibe

Highpoint Highlights-Modern and Sleek Curves

Curves were a big theme at this year’s Market! In upholstery (think sofas and armchairs) as well as everything from console tables to dining tables, curves are quickly becoming a go-to design addition to any room-like the Bernhardt Aline Swivel Chairs pictured here.

One of our big sellers this season has been the sleek and curvy Giselle Chair by MG+BW Home and it’s easy to see why! With a durable, eco-friendly hardwood frame and high density, high resiliency cushioning in the form of a curved back, it perfectly captures the trend of the season!

Natural Textures and Layers Provide a Unique Focal Point

Highpoint Highlights-Natural TexturesHighpoint Highlights-Natural Textures

There is nothing we love more than natural materials and textures when it comes to furniture - and we were pleased to see lots of it at this year’s Market! 

In fact, without a doubt one of the new pieces we’re most excited to bring in are the gorgeous Dinec Piper dining chairs pictured above. With a sturdy but modern frame that highlights the natural wood grain and high-performance fabric for comfort and durability, these gorgeous dining chairs are also made and designed in Canada, making it our go-to choice this season. Contact us today to pre-order your chairs (available in your choice of fabric and wood finish!)

Elevated Outdoor Furniture for Luxurious Patio Living

Highpoint Highlights-Elevated Patio Furniture

As we enter patio season, we couldn’t help but notice the shift to elevated outdoor furniture. Gone are the days when a collapsible Tommy Bahama beach chair was a go-to outdoor furniture staple! With all the extra time we’ve all been spending at home over the past couple years, it only makes sense that our outdoor furniture should be just as luxurious as our indoor furniture. 

This season, we’ll be carrying a wide selection of high-end furniture to help you uplevel your outdoor dining and outdoor living needs. Some of our current favourites include our Pietra Collection by Sunset West (just check out the Pietra Sofa!) and our Origami Chair by Bernhardt (pictured above). 

Need more furniture inspiration or ideas for how to update your home for spring? Visit our showroom Monday to Saturday from 10-5:30 and we guarantee you’ll leave feeling inspired to refresh your home for a new season! 

Whether you are looking to do a full home renovation, a one-room refresh or updating your patio furniture and decor, let our team of design experts help you find the perfect piece(s) for your home. Follow us on Instagram @onceatreefurniture and Pinterest @OnceATree for more design inspiration, or reach out today to see how we can help you get started on your next home design project!

Highpoint Highlights Design and Decor trends

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10 Spring Furniture Trends We Love

Spring is finally here! One of our favourite seasons for so many reasons - one of them being the new spring furniture trends it brings. New collections, brighter colours, longer days, and okay maybe still a *little bit* more rain than we’d like on the west coast, but there’s no denying the extra pep in our step as we look to freshen things up around the home for spring. 

In our showroom, we are excited to be debuting the following collection of spring furniture from our favourite suppliers. From sleek curves to gorgeous new fabrics and colourways to natural textures, materials and more, our spring furniture collection is now on display in our showroom - and we guarantee it will inspire you! Whether you are redesigning one room in your home, looking to get started on a custom furniture creation or planning a complete home renovation, our passionate team of design and furniture experts will help you pick the perfect piece(s) to bring your furniture dreams to life. 

Voila, here are the Spring furniture trends we’re excited about, brought to life by the following 10 new pieces. Bonus: Until this Sunday, March 13th, all pieces from our Mitchell Gold + Bob Williams Collection are 20% off during our Special Order Event!

Celebrate Form and Function This Season

Luna chair - Mitchell Gold + Bob Williams

Featuring soft curves and customizable fabric options, the Luna Chair by Mitchell Gold + Bob Williams is a statement piece that represents this spring’s trend towards celebrating form and function. The Italian-inspired sculptural design of this deceivingly comfy accent chair is a piece of art that you can truly relax in.

Pictured here in performance velvet fabric (colour is “Sepia”), this stunningly unique statement chair is available in your choice of fabric or leather so you can pick and choose a chair that will suit your space perfectly. Best of all, as the only MG+BW Home retailer in Western Canada, you can also enjoy 20% off if you purchase it during our MG+BW Special Order Event, on now until March 13th!

Choose Elevated Furniture for Inside or Outside

Melrose chair-Palecek

[photo credit: @palecekdesign / Instagram]

Nothing says ‘spring’ quite like the Melrose Lounge Chair by Palecek Design! Featuring a high-quality, hardwood frame and legs and hand-twisted natural jute rope woven on the frame, back and sides, this accent chair adds a touch of airy sophistication to any room - or patio, if you’re like us and looking forward to a long season of outdoor living. 

Any way you style it, we think the Melrose Lounge Chair is a trend-setter in the best possible way!

Classic Silhouettes Never Go Out of Style

Abbey Sofa-Lee Industries

Meet the Abbey Sofa by Lee Industries! Featuring an eco-friendly hardwood frame and eco-friendly, high density and high resiliency cushioning, this luxurious sofa is everything you never knew you needed. Take your living room to new heights with the Abbey Sofa which offers a classic silhouette that adds a timeless elegance to any living room design. 

Available in a wide selection of fabrics and leg finishes, if you dream it, we can help you achieve it. And by ‘it’, we mean the design aesthetic you’re going for! If you’re in the market for a new sofa, you can’t go wrong with the ‘Abbey’. 

Incorporate Natural Textures and Elements into Your Home for Spring

Tremont Cocktail Table-Mitchell Gold+Bob Williams

The Tremont Coffee Table by Mitchell Gold + Bob Williams is a staff favourite this season for sure! Featuring a natural, reclaimed teak root base, this sturdy living room table boasts a one-of-a-kind design that’s sure to be the focal point of any living space. Clean, modern and truly unique, this stylish coffee table is a luxurious piece that adds a touch of the west coast to your home. And, we guarantee it’ll be a piece you’ll love for many years to come.

Plus, don’t forget: you can enjoy 20% off this piece until March 13th only!

Don’t Sacrifice Style for Comfort When it Comes to Lounge Furniture

Clayton Chair - Palecek

[photo credit: @palecekdesign / Instagram]

Modern, stylish perfection is what we think of when it comes to the Clayton Lounge Chair by Palecek Design. This accent chair is an ideal set-up for reading your favourite book on a sunny spring morning, or cozying up in with a cup of tea before bed. 

Featuring a sturdy hardwood frame, this lounge chair comes in a gorgeous, coffee brown finish accented with hand-twisted all-weather synthetic abaca in a cream, two-tone finish for just the right amount of contrast! 

Versatile Furniture Allows You to Switch Things Up

Pratt Chair-Palecek

[photo credit: @palecekdesign / Instagram]

Palecek Design comes up a few times on our list of must-have pieces for spring, and there’s no question why. The Pratt Chair by Palecek is a modern and stylish addition to any room, with its hardwood frame and legs in a dark espresso finish and natural jute rope sides and back (and so on-trend)! 

Whether these chairs are styled in a living room as accent chairs or around a custom dining table for gatherings with loved ones, these versatile chairs are easy to move around while adding a sophisticated touch for any occasion. 

Timeless Pieces Are Worth the Investment

Grayson Sectional-Lee Industries

When it comes to picking a sectional for your home, the Grayson Sectional by Lee Industries checks all the boxes. Take family movie night to the next level with this timeless sectional! Modern, yet comfortable, this classic, oversized sectional is available in a wide range of fabrics and leg finishes to suit any design aesthetic.  

Made from eco-friendly hardwood and high density, high resiliency cushioning, this luxurious sectional is truly built to last!

Neutrals Are Always ‘In’

Colette Sofa-Bernhardt

[photo credit: Bernhardt Furniture]

Modern meets comfort with the Colette Sofa by Bernhardt Furniture! Luxe feather down cushioning takes center stage when it comes to this stylish sofa. Available in a wide variety of fabrics and finishes (we personally love it in this neutral fabric that goes with anything!), this sofa can easily be customized to match any living room aesthetic. Modern living never looked *or felt* better!

Soften Your Living Room With Modern Curves

Giselle Chair-Mitchell Gold+Bob Williams

[photo credit: MG+BW Home]

An accent chair that doubles as a conversation piece? Yes please! The modern curves of our Giselle Chair by Mitchell Gold + Bob Williams are undeniably elegant - and the best part is it comes in your choice of fabric or leather! Customize this gorgeous chair to suit your design aesthetic and enjoy this artisan-crafted statement chair that pays the utmost attention to detail. Did we mention its comfort level is a 10/10?!

Don’t Be Afraid to Be Eclectic

Oscar Chair-Lee Industries

We couldn’t wrap up this list without including the Oscar Chair by Lee Industries! Eclectic, modern and truly eye-catching, the Oscar Chair is a statement piece like no other. If you are looking for a can’t miss piece to add to your office or living space, this is it! Featuring a hammered metal frame and eco friendly, high density, high resiliency cushioning, this accent chair definitely will not go unnoticed.

Pick from your choice of natural or black leather for the seat and back, and enjoy this unique chair for many years to come! 

Our new spring collection is available in our showroom now! Visit us at 750 SW Marine Drive Monday to Saturday from 10am-5pm and let us help you bring your home dreams to life. Follow us on Instagram @onceatreefurniture for more design inspiration, or reach out today to see how we can help you get started on your next home design project!

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5 Reasons to Choose Custom Furniture for Your Home

Have you ever purchased a piece of furniture that didn’t quite fit the space it was intended for? At Once A Tree Furniture, one of our unique offerings is creating custom furniture for our clients. Not only does a custom-made piece of furniture allow you to really express your personal style and aesthetic, but it can also be designed and sized to fit perfectly in a space that some pre-made furniture pieces simply cannot.

In fact, our custom furniture pieces are often a go-to for the many top vancouver designers we work with, because of the versatility, quality and one-of-a-kind aesthetic achieved. Whether you are planning a full-scale renovation or a one room refresh, a custom furniture piece might be just the thing that takes your interior design goals to the next level. As designer Amanda Evans would say, “Why settle for standard?” 

So, stop dreaming of your custom piece and head over to our made-in-Canada STUDIO Collection, which is a great jumping-off point for designing your own custom piece. Each piece in this collection can easily be customized to your choice of size, wood and finish, to get the look you want. 

Without further ado, here are five reasons to consider investing in custom furniture rather than buying from the showroom. 

Custom furniture guarantees you get the look you really want for your home

[Photo credit: Tracey Ayton]

If you have a space in your home that requires a custom-sized piece of furniture or you have a specific design aesthetic in mind that you can’t quite find pre-made, a custom furniture piece will guarantee that your vision comes to life.

Whether it’s a custom sofa, dining table or bed frame, our process guarantees you’ll end up with a one-of-a-kind piece that perfectly fits your space and aesthetic. For example, check out the seamless fit of our custom Garrett Dining Table in this modern and minimalist home renovation designed by Lori Steeves of Simply Home Decorating.

Custom furniture is not as expensive as you may think

[Photo credit: Tina Kulic]


There is a common misconception that custom furniture pieces are completely unaffordable and inaccessible. This isn’t always the case. At Once A Tree, we have some of the most talented craftspeople and furniture makers on our team who source premium quality materials and have the expertise to avoid costly mistakes and overpriced materials or labour. This means our prices are quite reasonable, and comparable with showroom prices. 

And when you get a custom furniture creation that you’ll have for life, our clients find it’s well-worth the investment. Plus, with so many of us still working from home, a well-made office desk might even help increase your productivity. One of our favourite office renovations to date - featuring our custom Madison Desk - is found in this modern farmhouse renovation here!

When you buy custom furniture, you’re buying local + sustainable furniture

[Photo credit: Roger Mahler]

All of our custom furniture pieces are designed and made in Canada, often right here in Vancouver, by some of the most talented local craftspeople and furniture makers in the business. Our talented team of furniture makers provides an unparalleled level of expertise to your custom design ensuring a stunning, heirloom-quality result that can be enjoyed for generations. 

Plus, with so much of our custom furniture being made locally,  buying custom is a very sustainable way to shop for furniture. 

Custom furniture offers a quick(er) turn-around time

[Photo credit: Roger Mahler]

It’s no secret that the furniture industry has experienced the same supply chain delays as countless other industries over the last couple of years. With people spending more time at home than ever before, furniture has been in high demand to say the least, and that means there’s a lot of popular choices that simply aren’t available or on a backorder. 

If you are hoping to get your hands on a new piece of furniture sooner than later, choosing custom furniture may get you what you want, faster. Currently, we are able to turnaround a custom furniture piece in just 8-10 weeks! You can start your custom furniture inquiry here. 

We make the custom furniture process very enjoyable

[Photo credit: Roger Mahler]

At Once A Tree, we take pride in our full-service customer experience. Your vision is our commitment, and we have a passionate team that’s available to help you bring your furniture dreams to life from start to finish. From the initial vision and inspiration to the design process to the delivery and furniture installation, we’ll ensure the process is seamless and your interior design and decorating goals are fulfilled. 

Truth: When it comes to furniture, one size does not fit all and that’s when it makes sense to consider going the custom route. If you’ve got a custom idea or project, we’d love to bring it to life. Start your custom furniture inquiry here! 

Follow us on Instagram @onceatreefurniture for more design inspiration, or reach out today to see how we can help you get started on your next home design project!

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Interior Designers to Watch in 2022: 10 Talented Designers to Watch for This Year

At Once A Tree Furniture, we get the opportunity to work with a wide network of talented interior designers and decorators here in Vancouver, and across Canada. As we gear up for another year of exciting projects, new design trends and of course, all-new, luxury furniture designs, we want to shine the spotlight on some of the design visionaries we are excited to work with, and watch, this year. 

So, whether you have plans for a new build, a complete home renovation or are simply looking to spruce up one or two rooms in your house, we’ve put together a list of 10 designer resources to consider for your next interior design project. Without further ado, here’s who we think you should be following on Instagram this year for ultimate design inspiration! 

Minimalist + Modern Interior Design

Madeleine Design Group

Madeline Design group image

Photo credit: @madeleinedesigngroup /Instagram

Whether you are in the market for interior design services to accompany a new build, a home renovation or a new look and aesthetic for 2022, Madeleine Design Group offers full service design to meet your needs. We are constantly inspired by Madeleine and her incredibly talented team and their ability to make any project look - and feel - modern and sophisticated. Clean lines, curated pieces and thoughtful finishes are just some of the things we love to see in each MDG project. Follow them on Instagram @madeleinedesigngroup for more design inspiration!

Shift Interiors 

Shift Interiors

Photo Credit: Tina Kulic via @shift_interiors / Instagram

Jamie Deck and her team are complete geniuses when it comes to design that is simple, functional and timeless. With an eye for subtle detail and modern lines that truly elevate any space, Jamie and her team know how to bring a level of timeless sophistication to any project. We are particularly inspired by how they incorporate natural elements into almost any design. Follow Shift Interiors on Instagram @shift_interiors!

Kalu Interiors 

Kalu Interiors

Photo credit: Janis Nicolay via @kaluinteriors /Instagram


There’s no denying that partners Phyllis Lui and Aleem Kassam infuse personality and passion into any design project they work on. Known for bringing thoughtfully curated design elements and details to the table, we are inspired by Phyllis’s and Aleem’s knack for designing something with ‘wow-factor’ that is also truly unique to each individual client. Few designers know how to tap into a client’s personal style the way Kalu Interiors does! Follow them on Instagram @kaluinteriors.

Sophisticated + Contemporary Interior Design:

Dexter Dolores

Dexter Dolores

Photo credit: @dexdolores / Instagram

Contemporary and classic meet when it comes to interior design by Dexter Dolores - and we are all about it! Dexter’s unique eye for detail, texture and quality materials makes its way into every project of his, leaving us inspired and in love. Dexter’s penchant for pushing boundaries in interior design and his ability to infuse personality into each project he works on is truly impressive. Follow him on Instagram @dexdolores to see it for yourself! 

Pure Design Inc.

Pure Design

Photo credit: Janis Nicolay via @puredesigninc / Instagram

This list wouldn’t be complete without Pure Design Inc. Led by award-winning designer Ami McKay, PURE takes a unique, holistic approach to design in order to create an innovative space her clients will cherish for years to come. There’s no question why PURE’s work has been featured in countless design magazines over the years, and we are especially thrilled (and inspired!) by Ami’s newest retail venture, PURE Design Shoppe in Vancouver as a source for thoughtfully curated touches that make a house a home. Follow PURE Design Inc. on Instagram @puredesigninc.

Functional + Luxurious Interior Design:

Beyond Beige

Beyond Beige

Photo credit: Provoke Studios

For us, award-winning interior designer Beyond Beige has been a go-to resource for design inspiration for many years. Founder and designer Reisa Pollard brings a wealth of expertise and versatility to her designs, and her incredible ability to create unique spaces with her clients’ needs and wants in mind is truly inspirational - all while still prioritizing style and luxury. 

One of our favourite projects with Reisa and her team was a gorgeous home in the British Properties that gives off major penthouse-style vibes. See more of this stunning project here and follow @beyondbeige on Instagram for more!

Enviable Designs

Enviable Designs

Photo credit: Tracey Ayton 

Victoria McKenney of Enviable Designs is known for her sophisticated and elegant touch when it comes to interior design. “Comfortable sophistication” is what she calls it, and Victoria’s effortless ability to combine luxury elements with modern, yet classic touches makes her a source of everyday inspiration for us. We love working with Victoria, and we are thrilled to be sharing more details about an upcoming, bespoke furniture collaboration with her in the coming months! 

Follow Victoria for more design inspiration @enviabledesigns and subscribe to our e-newsletter to be the first to know about Victoria’s new furniture collection when it drops!

Amanda Evans Interiors

Amanda Evans Interiors

Photo credit: Provoke Studios

Amanda Evans and her team are well-known for creating luxurious homes that meet transitional design without foregoing comfort - and there’s no question why. We love Amanda’s ability to design warm, inviting spaces that also showcase sophistication and luxury, and her eye for always picking the *exact* right piece for any space. The best part is, Amanda’s unparalleled attention to detail ensures each project is designed uniquely for her clients while also ensuring the final product is both livable, timeless and elegant. Follow AEI on Instagram for more home inspiration @amandaevansinteriors.

Modern West Coast Interior Design:

Lauren Ritz Design

Laure Ritz Design

Photo credit: Ema Peter Photography via @laurenritzdesign / Instagram

Few people capture the essence of west coast modern design the way Squamish-based designer Lauren Ritz does. Clean lines and a modern aesthetic that highlights the beauty of west coast living are just a few of the many tricks Lauren has up her sleeve. Her Instagram feed is a showcase of the natural beauty that surrounds us here on the west coast, and her ability to seamlessly incorporate it into her designs is truly inspirational. We have a feeling Lauren and her team will be a constant source of design inspo for us all year long! 

Simply Home Decorating 

Simply Home Decorating

Photo credit: Provoke Studios

As the Founder and Creative Director of North Vancouver-based Simply Home Decorating, Lori Steeves brings true west coast design influence to the next level. We love Lori’s unique approach to the creative process of interior design, which includes discovering the hidden potential in each client’s home and transforming rooms into timeless, cohesive and curated spaces that are a true reflection of the client’s personality. No two projects are the same, and we are constantly inspired by Lori’s creativity, vision and of course, west coast flair! 

Did we mention one of Lori’s recent projects was a top 5 finalist in Western Living’s 2021 Home of the Year!? Follow Lori on Instagram @simplyhomedecorating

We hope this list of interior designers are as inspiring to you as they are to us. At Once A Tree Furniture, one of our favourite things is getting to work alongside incredibly talented interior designers and we would be happy to help you get started if a home renovation or interior design project is on your ‘to-do list’ this year. Follow us on Instagram @onceatreefurniture for more design inspiration, or get in touch today to see how we can help you get started on your next home design project!

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OAT’s 2021 Holiday Gift Guide: 10 Last-Minute Stocking Stuffers To Add a Touch of Luxury at Home

As the holidays quickly approach, we want to help you (and your loved ones!) uplevel life at home with some thoughtful stocking stuffers. Our curated list of luxurious home accessories make the perfect (last-minute) gift ideas - for those of us who don’t do our shopping in November! The best part is, a wide selection of our home accessories are on sale in our showroom (up to 50% off!) while supplies last. 

So, whether you’re in need of a unique home accessory to compliment a sideboard or end table, or a classy centerpiece to finish off your holiday tablescape, here are some home decor gift ideas that make an impression - plus, they are in stock, so they WILL make it in time for the holidays. Without further ado, here are 10 luxury home accessories that also make a memorable holiday gift for anybody on your list!

For the ultimate WFH life:

Linen Tray


Our Linen Tray is a functional, yet luxurious addition to any home office. Made of sand cast aluminum with a burlap impression and brass finish, this is a gorgeous catch-all tray for anything from keys to paperclips to whatever you want! Complete the look with our Linen Vases for a set of three, and you have the perfect gift. 


Laria Boxes, Set of Two

The perfect accessories for an office desk, bookshelf or sideboard! Our Laria Boxes come as a set of two and are generously sized to hold any small trinkets or items you want to keep hidden. This lacquered veneer box with a linear black and white pattern resembles petrified wood for a luxurious look and features a painted interior for a classy finish inside and out.


Wish Paperweight


Available in two colours - gold leaf and silver leaf - and four sizes, this minimalist paperweight is a decorative and functional addition to any office. Give a gift that’s as useful as it is gorgeous this holiday season to the loved one that spends their days working from home. 

For the minimalist:

Rabbit Sculpture


Add a touch of whimsical luxury to the home with our Rabbit Sculpture. Inspired by the 19th century cabinets of curiosities, this ceramic rabbit is a gorgeous home accent that will certainly also be a conversation piece. Available in a matte gold or matte silver finish, this beautiful sculpture will add a touch of fun to a bookshelf, end table or bedside table. 


Bone Boxes


Gift the minimalist in your life our Bone Boxes that double as decor and a place to store precious trinkets and personal items. Featuring grey and white bone that is carefully cut and applied by hand, as well as a detachable lid, this home accessory offers functionality while also acting as a stylish display piece. In other words, it’s a gift any minimalist will undoubtedly appreciate! 


Davenport Sculpture


It doesn’t get more minimalist than the Davenport Sculpture. Featuring a large snow marble disk suspended by a thin antique brass pillar to create a striking visual contrast, this sculpture will be a welcome addition to any minimalist’s home decor. Finished off with a crystal clear base, this piece is a true work of art that will fit in seamlessly with any aesthetic.


For the host(ess) with the mostest:


Accessories by Au Lit Fine Linens


What could be better than pure linen scented hand soaps from Haute-Provence, France? Made exclusively for Au Lit Fine Linens, this vegetable-based Marseille-style liquid hand soap ($28) is the perfect stocking stuffer for anybody on your holiday gift list this year. This exclusive product is also available as a bar soap enriched with shea butter for that added touch of luxury ($12). Complete the look with a set of luxurious made-in-Canada linens by Au Lit, and you have an ideal gift for any host(ess)!


Candles by étuHome


Containing the finest essential oils created in Grasse, France - the perfume capital of the world - these luxury candles by Etu home are the perfect host(ess) gift. Artisanal, hand-poured and packaged in a gorgeous box for easy gifting, this is the ultimate stocking stuffer this holiday season.


For the home chef:

Glass decanters


Our selection of glass decanters will be a welcome addition to any wine or spirit enthusiast’s collection. Available in a variety of sizes, styles and shapes, our decanters can be beautifully displayed on a bar cart, shelf or sideboard as a vessel for storing drinks or simply as a beautiful piece of art. 


Freeform Bowls


Perfect for displaying as is or for including fresh or faux fruits and greenery, our Freeform Bowls are a gorgeous work of art. Soft and organic in shape, these bowls - in two sizes - are a beautiful interpretation of the graceful, abstract forms found in nature. Made of smooth, matte graphite Portuguese ceramic, these bowls are a unique addition to any kitchen or dining area.


From now until December 23rd, our showroom is open Monday to Saturday from 10am - 5:30pm for all your holiday shopping needs. Private shopping appointments are also available by emailing Visit us in store or get in touch today and let us help you pick out the perfect gift for everyone on your list this year!


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Top 10 Picks for Our “Boxing Week in November” Luxury Furniture Sale

It’s the sale you’ve all been waiting for! This Friday, November 19th, our biggest sale of the year returns to the Once A Tree showroom. Affectionately referred to as our “Boxing Week in November” sale, this is a luxury furniture sale that you don’t want to miss. 

Deals include up to 70% off select in stock furniture (which arrives in your home in time for the holidays!), 20% off custom furniture orders (delivery times will vary), and 10% off our made-in-Canada STUDIO Collection

As we gear up for our best sale of the year, we’ve put together a guide for shopping our best sale of the season, featuring 10 of our “can’t miss” items included in this year’s sale. All the items featured below are available in limited quantities, so make sure you mark your calendars so you don’t miss out! Without further ado, keep reading for a sneak peek at some of the luxury furniture items you’ll want to add to your home this season.

10 luxury furniture pieces to update your living space

Francis Swivel Chair-Lee Industries     Francis Swivel Chair-close up

Francis Swivel Chair by Lee Industries

The Francis Swivel Chair by Lee Industries is a classic addition to any living space, home office or bedroom nook. Featuring a sturdy, timeless silhouette and a comfortable down back, this accent chair is a must have in any living space. 

Atmosphere Bed - Trica Furniture.    Form Nightstand - Trica Furniture

Atmosphere King Bed and Form Nightstands by Trica Furniture

Luxury meets modern when it comes to the Atmosphere King Bed by Trica. The solid wood birch finish in ‘fog’ is complemented by the warm, textured linen-look fabric and taupe metal leg accents, adding an immediate calming factor to any bedroom!

Pair this luxurious bed with Trica’s Form Nightstands as pictured, available in a variety of solid birch finishes (and also on sale!) and you have a complete bedroom set ready for immediate delivery so it arrives at your home before the holidays.

Relaxor Recliner - Lee Industries.    Relaxor Recliner close up

Relaxor Swivel Recliners by Lee Industries

Without a doubt, one of the best deals to be had in this year’s sale are the Relaxor Swivel Recliners by Lee Industries! Available in a neutral dark grey, resilient low pile velvet fabric and a sleek silhouette design, this luxury accent chair is the perfect addition to any living room. 

After a long day out and about, this quality recliner is the ideal way to kick back and relax in style.

Bayonne Bed - Bernhardt.    Bayonne Bed close up

Bayonne California King Bed by Bernhardt

Uplevel your bedroom with the Bayonne California King Bed by Bernhardt Furniture! This gorgeous, upholstered bed is a bargain for anyone looking to upgrade to a luxurious, California King-sized bed. Available in a subtle ivory colour, this bed features a detailed nailhead trim throughout, adding a touch of luxury to any bedroom.

Super Nova Swivel Chair-Mitchell Gold + Bob Williams.    Super Nova Swivel Chair close up

Supernova Swivel Chair by MG+BW Home

There’s a reason why these Supernova Swivel Chair by Mitchell Gold + Bob Williams are a bestseller! This mid-century inspired chair in a gorgeous creamy leather fabric commands the room from all angles. Sleek and low with a subtle, contrasting base, this modern accent chair is as stylish as it is comfortable - and not to mention, a complete steal if you’re lucky enough to get your hands on it during our Boxing Week in November sale!

Versa Sectional - American Leather.    Versa Sectional close up

Versa Sectional by American Leather

Designed for extreme comfort and maximum versatility, it’s no secret the Versa Sectional is a favourite for many - including our Sales Manager, Les! The modular sectional can be flipped around to create several different configurations, making it the epitome of custom-made comfort for your next family movie night.

We have just one of these stylish sectionals available in a durable fabric made of a variety of materials, including viscose, polyester, linen and cotton. Whether it’s in a living room or a rec room, the Versa Sectional promises to deliver “livable luxury” and a customized seating solution for any living space.

Willet Nesting Tables-Vanguard Furniture.    Willet Nesting Tables-close up

Willet Nesting Tables by Vanguard

The Willet Nesting Tables are sure to make a statement in any room. Featuring a silver travertine top and a satin brass metal base, these luxury end tables are as stylish as they are durable. Perfect for displaying your favourite lamp or home decor accessories, these quality nesting tables will make a modern addition to your living room.

Xavier Desk-Mitchell Gold+Bob Williams.    Xavier Desk close up

Xavier Desk by MG+BW Home

Take your home office to the next level with the Xavier Desk by Mitchell Gold + Bob Williams. A sleek glass top paired with stainless steel legs makes this modern desk a chic upgrade to any work from home set up. The compact, low profile design of this stylish desk makes it a functional addition to a home office that’s big or small.

Aaron Chair - American Leather.    Aaron Chair close up

Aaron Chair by American Leather

Inspired by modern Danish design, the Aaron Chair is a classic addition to any room. Featuring a gorgeous, textured charcoal fabric and natural Walnut legs, this mid-century style armchair also features a contoured seat structure for maximum comfort. Whether you put it in a home office, living room or even a bedroom - we guarantee this accent chair will quickly become a household favourite!

Aiden Chair-Mitchell Gold + Bob Williams.    Aiden Chair close up

Aiden Chair by MG+BW Home

From MG+BW Home’s Classics Collection, the Aiden Chair is truly a classic. Available in a deep pine green leather, this chair offers a streamlined silhouette and a generous seat depth. Featuring high-quality, Italian leather, this beautiful chair will only get better as it patinas with time. It is an ideal addition to any home office, living room or bedroom!

We hope you enjoyed this preview of our upcoming Boxing Week in November Sale. Our entire OAT team has been hard at work going through all of our favourite furniture items in store and pricing them ‘to sell’. The deals are amazing, and we’re confident all of you - our loyal customers - will be blown away once again by the thoughtfully curated, high-quality products we carry and most importantly, the savings.

Our sale starts this Friday, November 19th and runs until Saturday, November 27th. If you’ve had your eye on one of our timeless pieces, now is the time to purchase it. Shop our sale in person starting on November 19th at 750 SW Marine Drive. We are open Monday to Saturday from 10am-5:30pm.

Don’t forget to follow us on social media for more updates on the sale as it happens!

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