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Construction > Care

Each of our custom wood and upholstered furniture pieces is constructed from only the finest grade materials and built in Vancouver by skilled craftsmen who take great pride in their work. In addition, we proudly stock a wide range of items from a select number of quality furniture makers. We stand behind every piece we sell and trust that you will love your purchase now, and for many years to come.

Please consult this Care Guide for helpful instructions on the proper care of your furniture. Should you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us. We are always here to help.

Thank you for choosing Once A Tree Furniture, we appreciate your patronage.




• Dust with a dry, soft cloth or untreated dusting cloth. Clean with a damp cloth and natural soap or a mild dish detergent.

• Do not use any furniture polishes or chemical based cleaners on any Once A Tree Furniture pieces.

• Protect your table with coasters, placemats and table clothes. Avoid placing any items with rubber backing on your wood pieces.

• Wood naturally ages over time. To help ensure uniform colour, expose table surfaces and leaves to equal amounts of sunlight, and rotate items sitting atop your furniture regularly.

• Wood naturally expands and contrasts with fluctuating temperature and humidity levels. Maintain consistent levels if possible.

• Variation in colour and the appearance of knots are to be expected in natural wood and enhance the inherent beauty of your fine wood furniture.


• Some fabric may fade over time and direct sunlight may alter dark colours. We recommend being mindful in the placement of your upholstered pieces.

• Annual professional cleaning will keep your upholstered pieces looking their best.

• Cushions may compress over time. Comfort wrinkles and creases occur naturally as upholstered furniture adjusts to normal use. Fluff and rotate cushions regularly.

• Although you may not see it, dust settles on your upholstery over time. Vacuum regularly with an upholstery attachment.

• Prompt attention to stains is recommended. Blot up as much of the spill as possible with a clean, white cloth, do not rub.

• If the stain persists contact an upholstery specialist for a professional cleaning.



• To prevent fading and cracking, avoid exposure to direct sunlight or heat.

• Fluff seat and back cushions to promote even wear.

• Dust and vacuum regularly.

• For spills, we recommend using distilled water and a clean, white cloth.

• Do not use water to remove butter, oil or grease stains. Blot dry with a clean, white cloth. Over time, the spot will fade.

• To enhance and protect your fine leather furniture, we recommend the regular use of a leather conditioner.